2014 Trends

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Political populism
Fed up with corrupt politicians, out dated and unfair candidate selection methods and unpopular economic policies, people across the world are becoming more distrustful than ever of professional politicians. Within Europe, disenchantment with the EU and enforced ‘European identity’ also means that people are attempting to seize back what was once theirs – namely national identity and national pride. If traditional political parties are unwilling or unable to provide this due to a need for consensus then people will seek new leaders and new parties instead.

The danger here is that national identity requires a clear definition of difference, which by definition casts a shadow of doubt over everyone else that is not part of the chosen group. T-shirts reading: “I grew here, you flew here” and “Swiss Born” are not innocent fashion statements or a form of localism, but the popular cloaking of xenophobia and hatred.

At the moment non-professional politicians and homemade political parties are fairly innocent forms of protest, but watch out for ‘man of the people’ types rejecting rationalism in favour of vehemence and especially anyone offering up an easy target as a solution for current woes.

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7 Responses to 2014 Trends

  1. orkneylad says:

    And Mein Kampf is rising to the top of the e-book charts, no-doubt spurred on by the fact that the kindle doesn’t have a dustjacket displaying your reading choices………all very worrying.

  2. Richard says:

    I was wondering where you had gone! Happy 2014. I’m doing a new map at the moment and a friend suggested that I put on rise of the Fourth Reich – but I’m not that brave!

  3. orkneylad says:

    Indeed, HNY 😀

    After the years of prosperity, extravagance & the new futurism, the economic realites finally set in; populist Nationalism returns to vogue………..seems like the years 2000-2013 were analogous to the years 1920-1933…….fingers crossed we step back from the brink.

  4. Richard Watson says:

    Did you see the article on why period is similar but ultimately not the same – Economist I think? I may still have it if you are interested.


  5. orkneylad says:

    Sounds interesting, do drop me the link. 😀

  6. Richard Watson says:

    I’m sure there was a leader in the Economist but I can’t find it. I did come across something from Prospect though. Here’s the link or I can copy the article (hard copy) and mail it to you if you like (you need to be a Prospect subscriber to get more than the start of the article).


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