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Black and White Thinking

Further to my piece yesterday about whiteboards versus blackboards and how each might impact thinking I was reminded about the Before I Die blackboard. This was (is?) a chalkboard posing the question to passers-by, who wrote their responses in chalk … Continue reading

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Clean slate thinking

So here’s a thought. Does the size of your whiteboard impact the scale of your thinking? And how about why the math department always seems to be the last department (after physics?) to give up blackboards or whether there’s any … Continue reading

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Thinking… about thinking.

I’m starting to think about my next book and although the illusion of progress is a fairly tempting title there’s the danger of it being mistaken for a negative position (actually the positive impact of negative thinking is interesting theme … Continue reading

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How ideas happen (an equation for creativity)

I was wandering aimlessly around Notting Hill in London yesterday with a few hours to kill. The key word here is aimlessly, because I strongly suspect that if I’d had a plan, or been in a frantic hurry, the following … Continue reading

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Solitude and thinking

“ In solitude you don’t need to make an impression on the world, so the world has some opportunity to make an impression on you.” I do like this quote, from a collection of stories exulting in solitude. The book … Continue reading

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Slow thinking: Getting all steamed up about ideas.

Now here’s an interesting thing. I was at Imperial College today trying to figure out how to graphically represent the future of supercomputing. I had dozens of ideas but all were clichéd and none were any good. So I decided … Continue reading

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Looking without seeing

  This is a good one. Did you know that the average ‘dwell time’ (horrible phrase) for the Mona Lisa is 17 seconds? In other words, the amount of time people spend looking at the most famous painting in the … Continue reading

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Are Our Communications Killing Our Ability to Communicate?

  Crowd of One is an interesting book by John Henry Clippinger, a senior fellow at the Beckman Centre for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School. One of the central thoughts of the book is that people only become … Continue reading

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Are we confusing connectivity with communication?

  I’d like to talk about talking. About six years ago I was in a restaurant at Bondi Beach. Just as the menus arrived so did a couple in their twenties. They were seated at the window table opposite and … Continue reading

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Physics of the Mind in Sydney

  Anyone in or around Sydney might like to check out an Australian Institute of Physics event at CSIRO in Lindfield on November 6th. I’m speaking at the event via Skype.

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