2 thoughts on “One of the best bar charts of all time

  1. Is Parkinson’s the only item on the list which is currently unsolvable/ untreatable?
    Am I correct to say that all (!!!!) the others are either completely treatable and have low death rates in the developed world, or are a major of cause of death predominantly in the developed world (e.g. diabetes, alcohol and drugs)?
    So if almost every cause of death is treatable, and we currently have the best global standard of living for humans, in all time, why is suicide so high on the list?

  2. I think you might be correct Bradley. I think standard of living tends to refer to consumption and access to certain goods and services more than physical/mental health. Also with a lot of these you can live with them for ages and perhaps people won’t be treated or leave it too late (I’m thinking alcohol, obesity etc). Suicide is the major cause of death for men under 50. If you broaded this to what people are now calling ‘deaths of dispair’ (so back to alcholic, obesity etc) then that line goes off the charts. I hate to think what the suicide rate will be this year overall.

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