Who (or what) inspires you?

There’s nothing like nothing to inspire thinking.

It’s such a simple question. OK, it has overtones of those motivational speakers you get, especially in the US, and those dreadful motivational posters too, but it’s still a great question. It’s also a really hard one to answer. I was asked about best books and best films recently and these aren’t easy to answer either.

I’m inspired by nature. I love the ocean. I love deserts too. I’m especially enthused by the cosmos (which instantly makes me think of Carl Sagan). But down here on Earth? And individuals that are still alive? I think inspirational figures are few and far between and they seem to be getting rarer. OK, Charles Handy and Theodore Zeldin to kick things off.

All time? How about Einsten, Picasso, Hawking, Montaigne? Organisations? NASA without a doubt. The NHS. Other things? Education generally, Children generally, Museums (great buildings!), Great art, Human kindness, Florence Nightingale, Great questions, Flint hand axes…

Prehistoric flint hand axe, Louvre, Abu Dhabi

Please add your own list….

Reasonable list here (but too many dead old men)

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2 Responses to Who (or what) inspires you?

  1. Watch people help others is inspirational.
    Watch a teacher with their class, or a youth club leader, a scout leader. These aren’t solely educational roles, they are inspirational roles.
    Or work in a soup kitchen and repeat “I think inspirational figures are few and far between and they seem to be getting rarer.” You’ll be amazed.

  2. richard says:

    Like it. I’m looking for big when these things are often tiny and below the radar perhaps.

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