Thinking too far ahead

One thing I have learned over the past 14 years is that you can be right about something and nobody listens. It’s all about timing and whom people listen to.You can be too early with an observation or prediction much as you can with an idea or invention.

I saw this (above) in the newspapers a few days ago. I was thinking about this as a major issue 8 years ago (in fact my book Future Minds from 2010 was about little else other than screen addiction and the insidious nature of Facebook, Twitter et al).

OK, so what am I thinking about now in 2018 that is still widely undiscussed or unreported? It’s a very long list. In my last book from 2017 I was focussed on mental health and stated that loneliness could well be the defining issue of the twenty first century. I’d say this is still true. I also say that sleep will emerge as both a huge risk and opportunity and that anxiety will underpin almost everything. Apart from that there are the issues of water and an emergent new puritanical mindset that is totally at odds with our extreme liberalism. Calm the future isn’t as Yoda might say.

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