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What can I say? I truly didn’t know that in this age of too much inforation so many people would care. At one point I had a tear in one eye (why only one will forever remain a mystery). So for all those loyal readers who trust LinkedIn (aka Microsoft) about as much as Mark Zuckerberg here is where you’ll find future issues. The next issue (105 I believe) will go up in a few weeks. Maybe. The format is still a bit unclear, but the intent remains much the same. I’d like it to be printable, but I think some experiments might be in order.

In the meantime, here is a picture of the dog enjoying a pint.

1 thought on “Brainmail on the Blog

  1. Thanks Richard! I admit I wasn’t following very thoroughly your developments and I was sad to read that there was a tear in your eye. Hopefully all’s well. I will be very happy to keep in touch through this blog. can you “push” articles to e-mails?
    In any case
    Take care and meet you soon on the wire,

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