The Rise of Evensong – a ‘Weak Signal’?










This seems odd, but actually makes a lot of sense. Cathedrals, churches and chapels across the country are reporting growing attendances at evensong, a religious service that combines contemplative music with the 16th Century language of the Book of Common Prayer.

Why might this be? I suspect that a few factors might be involved. Firstly, the time slot. Sundays are now busy days for most people so after work works. Secondly, mindfulness is all the rage and this links with quiet contemplative spaces. Lastly, the rise of evensong might be related to digital distraction where people are constantly bombarded from the internet and mobile media. Or maybe it’s that evensong is the atheist’s favourite type of spirituality.

Newspaper article on the rise of evensong here and a good blog post quoting the Salisbury Cathedral News here.

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  1. Gerry Lynch says:

    Thank you for sharing my article from Salisbury Cathedral News.

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