Kanye West US President?

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It’s been pointed out to me (I totally missed it – thanks Paddy) that my not very serious prediction that Kim Kardashian might run for US President has been overshadowed by the real-life possibility that her husband, Kanye West, might run in 2020. Reminds me of the line that fact is becoming more unbelievable than fiction. As for Donald Trump don’t even go there, although if you really want to you should read the New York Times piece on Donald Vs. The Pope.

What am I up to? Doing some slides for PWC about thinking (we’ll see how that does down!) and avoiding getting the next issue of What’s Next done. Also, vaguely thinking about what my next and possibly very final map might be. Either a map of human wants and needs (think Maslow but in far more detail) or a kind of ‘greatest hits’ vaguely based upon my 2010+ map. Something with a narrative and something that makes people think. After this I’m taking up oil painting.

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