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Back in 2010 I wrote that “A slow thinking movement will emerge as a parallel to the Slow Food movement, with people celebrating slow reading, slow writing and other forms of paper based communication” (Future Minds p 171).

I’ve previously commented on Delayed Gratification magazine (good article on journalism robots and automated writing in the current issue), but something else caught my eye last week. BBC television screened a two-hour long programme about a journey down a canal from the boat’s perspective – with no soundtrack whatsoever. All you can hear is the sound of water, dogs barking and birds tweeting (that’s wildlife singing, not women sending twitter updates).

Of course the temptation to record the show and play on x30 is almost too much to resist. Apparently the ‘go slow’ show is part of a series that was inspired by…wait for this, a nine hour long Scandinavian programme showing someone knitting. A good example of a counter-trend in action.

It’s a wonderfully weird world.

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