My New Book


Thought I’d share with you the contents of the new book. Book is now written, but I’m entering a 2 month edit stage. Jumping on a plane tomorrow too with a copy of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (Philip K. Dick) and Travels in Hyperreality (Umberto Eco). Image above is of my writing desk the past few months and, yes, that is wine – “write drunk, edit sober” 😉

Preface: Taming the future

1. Society & Culture:
How we came to love our machines more than each other.

2. Media & Communications:
Why instant communication is killing our conversation.

3. Science & Technology:
Is it safe to build a parallel universe in your spare bedroom?

4. Money & Economy:
How invisible money meant we were all mugged by reality.

5. Healthcare & Medicine:
Can we ever acquire a lasting immunity toward loneliness?

6. Planes, Trains & Automobiles:
Where might our self-driving cars eventually take us?

7. Education & Knowledge
What happens to learning when your teacher is an app?

8. Work & Employment:
Why the future might look a lot like The Middle Ages

9. Time Off & Time Out:
Why holidays are happy and retail therapy doesn’t last

10. Home & Family:
Remember when we lived and loved in analogue?

11. Life, Art, War & Death:
The search for (and submission to) something much larger
than ourselves.

12. Conclusions & Suggestions
A simple question that hardly anyone is asking.

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