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Future Now

                        I’ve got the go-ahead for a new book, which is a good thing, but every time I write something it happens. This is not supposed to happen. The … Continue reading

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Global Travel Trends

  Another day, another trends report and another info-graphic. Here’s a visualisation that references the WTM 2014 travel trends report. Worth a quick look alongside my own future of travel and holidays report. BTW, I noticed in the newspaper today … Continue reading

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Is the classic car market bubble about to burst?

One thing I’ve done quite well with over the last few decades is old stuff (I know, I’m supposed to be future orientated, but I just can’t help myself). Old cars have always been a passion, so I’ve been watching … Continue reading

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Physics of the Mind

This is just scary. Me at 5am talking to the CSIRO in Australia. The office temperature was zero degrees and I’m wearing PJ’s and welling boots down under.

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Are we confusing connectivity with communication?

  I’d like to talk about talking. About six years ago I was in a restaurant at Bondi Beach. Just as the menus arrived so did a couple in their twenties. They were seated at the window table opposite and … Continue reading

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Why paper is a necessity

  A few weeks ago the Finish Prime Minister suggested that the downgrading of his country’s sovereign debt was in large part caused by the actions of Apple Inc. The iPhone had mortally wounded Nokia while the iPad had inflicted … Continue reading

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We need to talk – but we no longer do

Last century the invention of the telephone created a revolution in how people communicated with each other, although it was initially marketed as being exclusively a business tool. Fast-forward to the present day and people are starting to hang up. … Continue reading

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