New book about the shape of things to come


If you are wondering how my new book is coming along, see the photograph above.

I’ve written the preface and started on chapter one, but I keep getting distracted (the latest distraction being the dog who went outside, found a rabbit and ate it, fur, feet and all).

Anyway, here’s my draft chapter list. Any thoughts out there? What have I missed?

Part One: Right here, right now

1. Society & Culture: Digital vs. human
2. Economy & Money: Only a bubble when it bursts
3. Science & Technology: Too fast, too future
4. Media & Entertainment: Afraid of being invisible
5. Transport: Self-driving planes, trains & automobiles
6. Food & Water: Obese, undernourished & thirsty
7. Retail & Leisure: We can print that in your size
8. Healthcare & Medicine: The computer will see you now
9. Travel & Tourism: Re-connecting with reality
10. Environment & Resources: A scramble for security
11. Home & Family: The real robot revolution
12. Education & Learning: Your teacher is an app
13. Work & Business: The end of globalisation
14. War, Peace & Politics: The weak grow strong
15. Religion & immortality: Is death the new sex?

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