The World in 2020 (further sources)





Further to my post yesterday showing my table of trends and technologies for the world in 2020, here are some links to some further material on 2020 trends and scenarios if anyone is interested.

Bain Consulting – growth trends to 2020

Economist Intelligence Unit/Cisco report on 2020

World Changing Blog (summary of CIA 2020 Scenarios from 2005)
BTW, the report is hard to find but I have a PDF if anyone wants one.

Frost & Sullivan (research report)

The Guardian – World in 2020 (series of short essays)

The Independent – World in 2020 (article)

Centre for European Reform – The World in 2020 (article)

Telefonica (5 minute video)

Corning (5 minute video)

World Tourism Organization (facts & forecasts)

Bloomberg/Business Week (forecasts and predictions out to 2020)

Wired magazine (article)

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