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There’s been a flurry of activity on the review front over the past week in Australia. So far we’ve had reviews in The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Canberra Times and the Australian Financial Review. Looks like I’m doing a radio interview with Geraldine Doogue on ABC Radio on the 23rd November too.

Here’s a snippet: “What will the world look like in 2040? Watson and Freeman (in what often reads like a particularly slick business lecture, but which also draws on such diverse sources as E. M. Forster and Blaise Pascal), acknowledge that any single prediction about the future will, more than likely, be wrong. Probability and chance make a volatile mix.”

Not sure about the slick thing. I thought we were just being ourselves! Attached (with a bit of luck) is an audio file with Oliver doing an interview with John Stokes for ABC Coast FM (Queensland). OLIVER FREEMAN to air (14-minutes long).

BTW, tomorrow I’m going to blog some tricks and tricks for building scenarios.

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