The World in 2045 (rounded up to 2050)

Some more random headlines and scribbles taken during the recent discussion about the world in 2045. Please note that these are discussion points not predictions!

Emergence of new middles class and subsequent consolidation
Issue of income inequality
Demographic shifts (primarily ageing but also impact of more women in workforce)
Costs association with ageing – who pays?
Loss of cultural identity due to globalisation (or the opposite?)
Population growth
Greater access of information (by individuals globally)
Impact of social media on political process/debate
Return of ethics
New Prudery
Decline of trust
Shifts in resource availability/prices
Game changers around energy/fuel?
Will carbon capture work?
Geoengineering – solution or a daydream?
Toleration of violence versus avoidance of violence/war
Globalisation/deglobalisation dynamic
Emergence of multiple identities
Identity and belief – shifts?
Heading towards a Middle Ages construct?
Where does value base come from?
How do you define national interest?
Which of the issues are broadly cyclical?
Understanding of climate change will improve – better forecasting
Physical geography of the world is changing (due to climate change)
Big data

To be continued…

(Image not from workshop, but added because it does provide the general context of population size and GDP. And yes, I too wonder where Latin America and Africa are on this map!).

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