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The Skyscraper Index

There used to be a saying that when large corporations built themselves fancy new headquarters featuring flags and a water feature they were usually in trouble. A new spin on this is the so-called skyscraper index, which equates the building … Continue reading

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Strategic foresight

                          I was in Cambridge today talking about the benefits of long-term planning. It went well apart from the fact that I was speaking at 9.30 am and … Continue reading

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Stat of the week (and a book)

In its last fiscal quarter, Apple sold more iPhones (37m) than babies were born in the world (36.3m). So, given that Apple products are now so popular, when will someone design a virus specifically targeting, say, iPhones? BTW, I like … Continue reading

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New book on scenario planning

It’s done. Oliver and I have sent it off for an edit. If you are interested here’s the intro. People have always been curious about what lies over the horizon or around the next corner.¬†Books that speculate about the shape … Continue reading

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Housebound children

So it’s the school holidays (again!). The sun is out. It’s warm. We have a couple of acres of woodland and one of freshly cut lawn. We have footballs, rugby balls, cricket balls, bicycles, a fire pit, trees to climb … Continue reading

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