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Lady Gaga (and me) on Twitter

I’ve just been in San Francisco and amongst other things heard the CEO of Twitter, Richard (“Dick”) Costolo, talk about he power of real time information, so here’s my twitter feed. The most interesting thing he said, from my point … Continue reading

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Time Perspective

I originally wrote about time perspective way back in 2004, but given the volatility and uncertainty that seems to a feature of 2012 it is perhaps worth revisiting. The concept, developed by Philip Zimbardo at Stamford University, essentially says that … Continue reading

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Fresh Minds

Here’s something I wrote for Fast Company magazine many moons ago, the core of which I was discussing with someone late last night… In his classic 1962 book, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, Thomas Kuhn argued that the people who … Continue reading

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Factoid of the week

Since Latvia joined the EU, 10% of its population has emigrated. (I didn’t even know Latvia was in the EU, but that’s living in Australia for almost 9 years for you).  

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New book

Here’s the contents from one of my new books. The only thing that’s bugging me is whether synthetic biology should be featured as one of the key ideas. Currently it’s mentioned under some of the other ideas. 1. Politics & … Continue reading

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A sign of the times

Sign at the station yesterday: “Changed surface conditions under foot” Translation – Slippery floor. BTW, a great line in Dr Who I thought last night (written, I assume, by Steven Moffat). “Sad is happy for deep people.”

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08:40 to Manchester

On my way to Manchester today. Sitting on the train wondering whether to accept invitations to Lima and Tehran of all places. Bit upset that I had to say no to Moscow recently (a TEDx event) but it’s slap bang … Continue reading

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iPads in Schools

Still up to my eye balls and still looking for excuses not to write anything. A few of you might find this article from the New York Times interesting. It’s about a school in the heart of Silicon Valley that … Continue reading

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Business to Business Trends

I attended a talk by Peter Sissons the other day (the former newsreader and moderator of BBC’s Question Time). He read a passage from a book that totally blew me away. It was about trivia.  The book is called Amusing … Continue reading

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Another great statistic

In its last fiscal quarter, Apple sold more iPhones (37,000,000) than babies were born in the whole world (36,300,000).

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