New Book on Scenario Thinking

Regular readers may know that I am working on two new books, both with the same deadline of March 31st (don’t even ask!). Here’s the contents sequence for the second book, which I’m co-writing with Oliver Freeman.

One word of warning, don’t pre-order this on the basis of the contents as it’s highly liable to change. The name of the book is Four Seeable Futures.

About this book
Forward- into the unknown

Part 1: Four short stories from the future

Chapter 1 – Story one
Chapter 2 – Story two
Chapter 3 – Story three
Chapter 4 – Story four

Part 2: Gone today; here tomorrow

Chapter 5, Inside out & outside in
The nature of perceiving
What aren’t we seeing?
What can others see?

Chapter 6, The framing question
What’s it all about?
Who should we listen to?
Mapping the issues
How far out do we need to go?

Chapter 7, Scenario thinking
INSPECT the future environment
Trends, critical uncertainties and wild cards
Getting to the scenario matrix
If at first we don’t succeed… Ah ha!
Enriching the matrix
Testing for robustness and logic
Four seeable scenarios as a set
How each world comes to be – timelines for each of the four scenarios

Chapter 8, What should we do today to prepare for our tomorrows?
The idea of strategic domains
Developing the strategic implications
Industry implications for each of the four scenarios
From implications to options
No brainers and keep safes
Scanning and monitoring
The success formula
Staying in the zone

Postscript – Strategic shocks: five game changers for 2040

References & useful sources

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2 Responses to New Book on Scenario Thinking

  1. GordonG says:

    Look forward to it.

  2. Lynda says:

    Cannot wait. Would pre-order with or without a content outline Richard – I love your work.

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