Steam punk heaven!

This is too cool for words – a way to integrate your iPad with a manual typewriter keyboard. I don’t even own an iPad, but may now have to buy one just to get this out on the train (or you can synchronize with a standard PC or Mac, but that wouldn’t be quite so portable). Does this mean anything? I mean why do I want one? Is it just a pure nostalgia trip or is it saying something about our relationship with modern technology? You tell me!

More here (including DIY build instructions) or buy complete thing here via etsy.

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  1. hupovoy says:

    I think the most impressive here – it’s moving components. iphone, ipad do not have this. the only thing that moves in the laptop is the keyboard. And only in one direction. The work of the typewriter is simple and clear. iPad work – a “black magic”. You can imagine how to fix a typewriter (it means to be “smarter” than it is). But it is difficult to even imagine how to fix ipad.
    So I think – it is a question of our power over things.

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