Is it going to rain tomorrow?

Posting on a daily basis is getting to be an issue. I just don’t have enough to say on a daily basis and what I do want to say takes a while to get right. Today is no exception.

Nothing of great importance to pass on. I’ve re-discovered Counting Crows* (Films about Ghosts and, in particular, the track Holiday in Spain). I’ve also discovered a rather lovely website, is it going to rain tomorrow?, which gives a simple answer to a simple question.

Today the answer is “No” That’s all folks…

*  This came out as Counting Cows to begin with. See what I mean about not talking enough time!

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  1. Bradley says:

    Richard, if you missed the ‘How to Build a Supercar’ on BBC2 last night, you might want to watch it on iPlayer. It was all about clean working environments, un-cluttering the mind, and how architecture helps productivity. You’ll probably find it interesting (and argue against all of Ron Dennis’ points!) That will give you something to talk about…

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