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Stat of the week.

Since 1990, the percentage of young people aged 15-29 has risen by 50% in Libya and Tunisia, 65% in Egypt and 125% in Yemen. Meanwhile Japan is moving in the other direction. By 2055, 41% of the Japanese population will … Continue reading

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New map

I´ve cracked it. Got an idea for a new map for 2012. All came about by doing nothing, although music had something to do with it. Hence spent the whole of yesterday with some large sheets of white paper, a … Continue reading

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Hacking Scandal

Funny how a few ex-tabloid editors, loud-mouthed journalists and PR people have gone so quiet all of a sudden. Less surprising that the ´favoured daughter` has upset one of the real ones.

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Computers and carbon emissions

I remember some time ago someone telling me that doing a Google search used more energy than boiling a kettle. I was unable to verify this  so I’ve never used this ‘fact’. However, there now appears to be some evidence … Continue reading

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Zero email ambition

This is very interesting. Thierry Breton, CEO and Chairman of Atos Origin, recently stated his vision for an email free company within 3 years. On the face of it this seems a little crazy. Email is, after all, so central … Continue reading

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Where you been?

Sorry folks, bit manic. Just escaped from two days talking about scenarios with an energy company (my head hasn’t hurt so much in months), trying to buy a house, kids on summer holidays for two months (help!) and a few … Continue reading

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News of the World Hacking

So here’s what I think is going on. Coulson is a sacrificial lamb. The News of the World is being ‘closed’ to ring fence other News titles. It’s likely that the Sun and other non-News tabloids could be implicated. A … Continue reading

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Shell Scenarios

I attended an “Evening of Scenarios” with Royal Dutch Shell last night. Presenting were Dr Angela Wilkinson, Director of Futures Programmes at the Smith School for Enterprise and Environment at Oxford, Nick Molho, Head of Energy Policy at WWF, Jeremy … Continue reading

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Power shift eastwards

A conversation between two Indians in a corner shop in England, which I overheard yesterday: “I’m moving the family back to India because I want the children to get a proper education.”

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Digital delivery

OK, I have a question. Actually it’s not my question, it’s from Sandy in Sydney. He needs to borrow our brains. “Any shining examples you can think of of companies that are making a successful transition from ‘analogue’ to digital … Continue reading

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