Ten crazy ideas that might not be so crazy…

1. Emotionally aware automobiles
2. Roads with no signs or markings
3. Childcare robots
4. Real time car insurance
5. Volunteers that hold your hand during surgery
6. Exercise robots
7. Merging aged care with eraly years education
8. Flat taxation
9. Mind control computer interfaces
10. Vertical agriculture

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One Response to Ten crazy ideas that might not be so crazy…

  1. Jason Worlledge says:

    I think #1 and #2 are here and very close!


    I think sensors in the steering wheel to measure heartbeats and changes in body biometrics would be an interesting advance and allow the car to limit speeds and aid in control when suffering from road rage.

    The question that the article brings up is do we want it? Will a driving country like America turn over control?

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