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Reindeer at 35,000 feet

Finns are getting weird. Back on Finnair and this time it’s reindeer salad and cloudberries at 35,000 feet. The highlight of this trip was Gate 37a. There was a woman dressed in white standing in a corner looking at the … Continue reading

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Greetings from Korea

Today I’ll mostly be boring you with population statistics. The 2010 South Korean census has revealed that the core working population (ages 25 to 49) fell to 19.5 million in 2010, down 360,000 from 2005. This fall is the first … Continue reading

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Stat shot

The CEO of Ericsson as predicted that here will be 50 billion devices connected to the internet by 2020. (From Wired magazine).

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Formula for trouble?

In Yemen, 65% of the population is aged under 25 years of age – and the unemployment rate is around 30%. I believe that in Tunisia the revolution was partly caused by the number of educated young men that didn’t … Continue reading

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Things I’ve always wanted to say

I’m turning into Tyler Brule (Fast Lane column, Weekend FT). I’ve just been to Helsinki on Finnair. For lunch I had elk meatballs and cauliflower cheese followed by lemon mouse. This allowed me to utter the immortal line: “I’ll have … Continue reading

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Cloudy thinking

Interesting comment from Matthew at PWC in Australia on my latest edition of What’s Next (now up). Apparently I’ve gone all gloomy! “a new perspective on popular social trends based newsletters found that geography & environment does affect the writers … Continue reading

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TED talk (I won’t know what I think until I see what I say)

Here’s the text of my recent TEDx talk in Germany. Note that these are only my notes and not what actually came out of my mouth… If you gave an infinite number of futurists an infinite amount of time, would … Continue reading

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Questions about the future

I don’t usually run workshops (so many people are so much better at it than I) but I was persuaded  to do so at TEDx in Munich yesterday. We started off with three questions, which were; 1. If you met … Continue reading

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TEDx in Munich was fun. I didn’t come away with any answers, but I did certainly come across some good questions. One question, courtesy of  Dr X (I’ve forgotten his name!) was why we spend so much time building machines … Continue reading

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TEDx Munich

I’m just reading a copy of an old book that I picked up in a junk shop a few years ago trying to find some inspiration for a TED talk I’m doing in Munich in a few days. The book … Continue reading

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