Tiny turbines

I had a thought recently. If all fossil fuels are derived from plants, which originally got their energy from light (i.e. oil, coal and gas are stored photosynthesis), why can’t we mimic this process with biological factories converting light into energy? Much more practical than solar you’d imagine. Then I thought, that’s just wood you idiot.

Another idea. I was driving down a motorway recently and noticed the grass by the road being blown by the wind created by the cars. Why can’t we harvest this energy? Why can’t we create wind turbines in the form of tiny blades of ‘grass’ to sit along freeways. 50cm blades of ‘grass’ would be so much nicer to look at than 50m wind turbines.

A third thought. Is there a website out there where I can upload an image of my face and it automatically roams cyberspace looking for me? (www.gofindme.com?). Why would one want to do such a thing? To prevent the unauthorized use of personal photographs.We probably don’t need this now, but once facial recognition is built into every CCTV camera and every mobile phone it could have its uses.

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  1. Yesterday I cycled the London to Brighton. I got there and my phone had run out of battery. After 54 miles of cycling, I would have thought it would have generated enough power to recharge my phone (at least once!)

    Some of our clients use Envisional image recognition product for detecting where their logos and trademarks are used without authorisation – I don’t think it can do faces yet, but with Facebook and Google spending a lot of research dollars in this area, it’s only a matter of time.

  2. Richard says:

    I was watching you! (OK, 25,000 people in general, but you must have been in their somewhere). Nuts how we waste energy isn’t it!

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