Mobile phone etiquette

A man walks into a public toilet and goes into the nearest clean cubicle. As he sits down he hears someone entering and locking the door of the cubicle immediately next to him.

Second man: “Hello mate, how’s it going?”.
The first man keeps quiet but the guy next door keeps talking.
Second man: “Speak up mate, I can’t hear you.”
At this point the first man thinks it rude not to join in the conversation.
First man: “Do I know you?”
Second man: “So what are you up to you old bugger?”
At this point the first man thinks the conversation is getting a little bit personal but replies all the same: “Same as you I’d imagine.”
Then the second voice says: “Hang on a minute mate, there’s a weird bloke in the cubicle next to me that keeps trying to talk to me.”

Moral: It takes time for human behaviour to adapt to any new technology.
Source: A bloke in a pub who overheard some other another bloke in a pub.

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