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Food Trends for 2010

Really good list of Top 20 Food Trends posted recently at Restaurant News ( 1 Locally grown produce 2 Locally sourced meats and seafood 3 Sustainability 4 Bites size/mini desserts 5 Locally produced wine and beer 6 Nutritionally balanced children’s … Continue reading

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Best Job in the World

How can you not enjoy yourself doing this kind of stuff? This is from the report on the future of public libraries obviously. A huge thank you to Dom who really brought some of the thinking to life. See earlier … Continue reading

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Future of Public Libraries Report Now Out

Link to full document in comments below…

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Scenarios for the Future of Public Libraries

The final scenario report has just gone live at the following link… BTW, if this won’t click go to comments on this post.

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2010 in Words

Asia Abstain Accelerate Accountant Acquaintance Adjust Authenticity Apocalyptic Afghanistan Aggregation Aggression Acquisition Balance Brazil Biomechatronics Bio-plastic China Cloud Chaos Carbon Chapter-11 Debt Domestic Delusional Eco Emissions e-Book Electric, e-health Food Flood Fatigue Fascism Green Genetics Home Healthcare Hybrid Inflation Iran … Continue reading

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Banker Bonus Tax

I really must stop doing this, but it’s difficult to resist. I see from the New York Times today that the UK will tax banker bonuses. Page 128 of Future Files (Page 117 UK edition) says: “Big banks, in particular, … Continue reading

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Scenarios for 2010+

Here’s something that I scribbled on the back of a napkin on the plane from Hong Kong to Sydney. It’s a new set of scenarios for the economy. It’s really for the UK economy but could be adapted to the … Continue reading

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Moon (the movie)

I’ve just been on a flight from London to Hong Kong and decided to watch a movie called Moon (not to be confused with another film called New Moon). This is the best film I’ve seen in a long time … Continue reading

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You don’t know me and I don’t know you so let’s just call it quits shall we?

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