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More Fabulous Facts

1 in every 3,400 people in the US is an Elvis impersonator. Ref: Prospect (UK). 1 in every 32 people in America is in prison. Ref: Daily Times (Pakistan). According to the General Social Survey (US) there has been a … Continue reading

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Some Science & Technology stats…

90% of all scientists and engineers with PhDs will live in Asia by 2010. Ref: Purdue University (US). In 2008 an average PC was 32,000 times more powerful and 12 times less expensive than an average PC in 1981. Ref: … Continue reading

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Some Environment Statistics…

Polluted water kills 22,000 people every day. Ref: A Brief History of the Future by Jacques Attali. It’s estimated that in the US 16 million barrels of oil are used every year to produce bottled water containers. Ref: Harper’s (US). … Continue reading

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Some Media Statistics…

Around 80% of all news available on the Internet originates in newspapers. Ref: New York Review of Books (US). Of the 120,000 blogs created daily, 50% are about the same subject – the writer. Ref: Esquire (US). All South Korean … Continue reading

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The Environment

Had a good chat with Tim Riches at Futurebrand in Singapore. He’d just come back from a Davos extension summit and he mentioned that the consensus there was that as soon as the global financial crisis was fixed the issue … Continue reading

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Planes, trains and automobiles…

I’ve seen the future and it works. I’ve just got back from Singapore. I’ve been doing a series of workshops for the likes of Procter & Gamble and Cadbury Schweppes based around some of the content from my book. Singapore … Continue reading

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