10 Small Ideas for Public Libraries

1 Address the fragmented nature of the public library network and broker common ICT and content agreements.

2 Promote the role of libraries to key government departments and bodies as a way of tackling social and educational objectives and
cross promote public libraries with other cultural institutions (art galleries, museums etc).

3 Forge links and alliances with key media players and use web 2.0 to deliver local news content (incl. local classified ads).

4 Target lapsed-library users and non users via partnerships with other recipients of local government funding e.g. schools, hospitals and
leisure services.

5 Set up a network of homework-help clubs (both physical and online).

6 Establish a network of computer kiosks within shopping centres and post offices (especially in rural areas) to offer library services.

7 Offer Bill Pay and Government form filling services for people with intellectual and physical disabilities.

8 Hold more events that bring together authors publishers and readers (eg a library prize for best new book).

9 Hold job fairs, healthy eating talks and crime reduction in libraries.

10 Link public libraries to public (government) schools to help populate their curricula (especially local history).

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2 Responses to 10 Small Ideas for Public Libraries

  1. Chris Knowles says:

    Saw a link to this in my feedreader today – thought you might be interested….


  2. Richard Watson says:

    Thanks! More I think about it libraries as the new civic centers rings true (but hopefully with a few books).


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