Corporate Memory

Did you know that you can buy a pen that not only transfers your scribbling to a digital file but also records any conversation made whilst you are writing. Useful? Frightening? Maybe both.

But this is nothing. In the future it is entirely conceivable that every thing that you say in a meeting will be recorded for posterity and will be searchable by anyone. This could be quite useful. If you miss a meeting you’ll be able to find it and watch it later. If you are threatened with a lawsuit you will be able to defend yourself by proving that certain things were said or were not. But then again do you really want your every utterance to be remembered forever?

What if you make a particularly stupid suggestion in a meeting and minutes later it ends up on Youtube for all to see? Or what if companies use verbal expression and body language software to analyse when people are lying? Talk about total recall. Scary.

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