Supersize Me

So United Airlines has decided to charge really fat people that want to fly extra.The idea is that if you can’t fit into one seat you have to buy two. Will the idea get off the ground? With 2/3 of Americans clinically overweight some people are calling this action discriminatory but I can’t see what the fuss is about.

Why should I have my plane trip turned into a sumo wrestling contest simply because the person sitting next to be can’t stop eating cheeseburgers? This has happened to me twice. Let’s just say that there is ‘flow’ under the armrest.Actually, I’ve got a much better idea. Low-cost airlines are now starting to charge people for baggage so why not charge passengers by body weight? Even better, people with anorexia nervosa could sell the bits of the seats they don’t use to clinically obese people, thereby creating a kind of secondary trading market for seating.

Where will this end? Maybe sports stadiums will start doing the same. What about cinemas, automakers:the list goes on.

PS – I’m joking.

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