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‘Sixth Sense’ Wearable Computers

If you’ve not seen it already check out a TED talk by Pattie Maes from MIT. The device is essentially a wearable projector and computer that allows people to interact with their external environment by projecting related information about things … Continue reading

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Future Inventions

Invisibility cloaks There appear to be two ways of doing this: 1. Optical camouflage — project your surroundings back onto yourself. For example, if a soldier is in a wood the trees could be projected onto every part of your … Continue reading

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Future Files (V2)

Just had a nice piece on the South Korean version of Future Files in the Biz section of Chosunilbo Daily. I have no idea what the review says but I seem to have been grouped with Alvin Toffler and Dan … Continue reading

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Corporate Repatriation

Couple of things to look out for. Despite what people say at the G20 Summit look out for a rapid increase in economic protectionism. Another thing to keep an eye on is something I’m calling Corporate Repatriation. What is this? … Continue reading

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Dylan Thomas

In the National Library of Wales there is a self-portrait by the writer Dylan Thomas aged, I’d guess, about eight. The self-portrait is nothing special but above it the young Thomas has written the following: “I am young but I … Continue reading

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Sex and Drugs and Chinese Rolls

I’m in Hong Kong reading FT Weekend eating a Chinese spring roll (bit of a conundrum, but in the end I went all eclectic and opted for the brown sauce). I got a lift to the airport from Andrew who … Continue reading

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