Slow Blogging


As you might l know I loathe Twitter with a passion. I’m also not that fond of most blogs (I’m allowed to be contradictory OK). Anyway, I’m writing a new book about how digital communications (amongst other things) is changing how people think and act so I’m rather curious about a new micro-trend called Slow Blogging.

The idea here is that people are publishing faster than they are thinking and the rest of us have to spend time editing material as a result. But help is at hand. Nice sounding English person Russell Davies is asking people to send him postcards telling him what they are doing, which I think is a much better idea than Twitter. There’s also Todd Sieling in Canada calling for a “rejection of immediacy.” I can’t agree more. Writing and reading slowly is good for your brain and good for the rest of us to because we don’t have to put up with misss-spelt (sic) rantings about maters of no importance.

Perhaps the Slow Blogging movement should join hands with the Slow Food and Slow Cities movements and create a festival of slowness. Then again that might be a bad idea. I’ve given it no thought whatsoever. Act in haste repent at leisure as my mum used to say in the old days.

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