Future Files (V2)

Just had a nice piece on the South Korean version of Future Files in the Biz section of Chosunilbo Daily. I have no idea what the review says but I seem to have been grouped with Alvin Toffler and Dan Pink so that’s hopefully a good sign. Other news: I’ve just been given the go-ahead to produce an updated version of the book for the Aus/NZ market so I’ll be doing that by the end of July. The idea is to write a new preface and then create a 2009 update after each chapter saying what I’ve got right and wrong so far.

My thoughts on rights and wrongs will probably include the following:


– The economic melt-down

– General loathing of bankers

– Rising economic protectionism

– Bottled mineral water


– Hilary Clinton

– Newspapers (although I think it’s still too early)


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