Interesting article by Jan Dalley in the FT last weekend (I get rather behind with my reading sometimes). Are we riding a wave of anti-nostalgia at the moment? I think Dalley might be onto something with this trend. The idea here is the ‘old world’ versus the ‘new’ and how the new often falls flat on its face and disappoints. She is talking largely about art but the idea stands up on a broader level I think.

One could perhaps frame this conflict as technology versus humanity. Where’s the evidence? Personally I’d point to the current popularity of old predictions circulating on the internet and books such as Where’s My Jet Pack by Daniel H Wilson. Interestingly there is possibly a connection here with two of the scenarios worlds that I commented on a few weeks ago, namely ‘Enoughism’ versus ‘Smart Planet’. Keep your eyes open for other examples of techno-backlash.

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