Scenarios for the Future of Brands


I was talking with Fjord (a digital services design firm in London) recently and they had an interesting idea for the Y-Axis of the Scenario matrix that I developed with Wayde Bull and Oliver Freeman. What if social activism and social passivism were simply replaced with ‘we’ (at the top) and ‘me” (at the bottom). Nice!

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  1. Jessica says:

    Could you perhaps explain this matrix and how it can be applied?

  2. Richard says:

    The rough idea is to identify two significant influencers (drivers of change if you like) and then to pitch them against one another. In this case we have the level of optimism/pessimism about the economy and the environment pitched against the level of community or customer activism or involvement (we/me if you prefer).

    This creates or reveals four possible future worlds. For example, a credit card company in Enoughism would be very ethical and values orientated (carbon neutral etc) whereas in Moreism it would be very image driven, all about buying more ‘stuff’ and appealing to our rather selfish and materialistic instincts etc.

    There’s a good explanation of the scenario process here…

    and a good overview here…

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