Future Files (Korean Edition)

I’ve seen the future…and it works.

I’m in South Korea for 36-hours talking with Samsung and the Chosunilbo Daily. I’ve seen TV screens that are not much thicker than a few sheets of paper and there are giant screens everywhere. And I mean everywhere.

I think that William Gibson could have been thinking of Seoul when he famously said: “The Future is already here, it’s just unevenly distributed.”

My head it all over the place. I’m writing something set 40 years into the future, but I’m also thinking about what I need to do next week. Some plum wine over lunch and the two worlds are starting to merge…

BTW, please keep your thoughts on where and when you do your best thinking coming in (See previous post). The comments are really useful.


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2 Responses to Future Files (Korean Edition)

  1. Mark Whiting says:

    I am living in Daejeon Korea now. If you are interested in meeting up send me an email.

  2. Richard says:

    Damn. Missed you. In Sydney now. Hopefully I will be back!

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