Future Files (US/UK edition)

I can’t resist sticking this up. It’s from Publishers’ Weekly in the US. They have got my book ‘Future Files’ as their Pick of the month for October. God bless America.

” Cheaper than a crystal ball and twice as fun, this book by futurist and web creator Watson examines what “someday” could be like, based on the five key trends of ageing; power shift to the East; global connectivity; the “GRIN” technologies of Genetics, Robotics, Internet, and Nanotechnology; environmental concerns, and 50 less general but equally influential developments that will radically alter human life by the year 2050. Watson gently scoffs at Jetsons-like wishful-thinking technology and flying cars; instead he predicts the fanciful (mindwipes, stress-control clothing, napcaps that induce sleep) and the useful (devices to harness the sea to generate energy; self-repairing car paint; retail technology that helps us shop, based on past buying habits; hospital plasters that monitor vital signs). In between the fun and frivolity, he prognosticates the frightening: the “extinction” of individual ugliness and free public spaces; the creation of hybrid humans; a society made of people who are incapable of the tiniest tasks; and insects that carry wireless cameras to monitor our lives. Part Jules Verne, part Malcolm Gladwell, Watson has a puckish sense of humor and his book is a thought-provoking, laughter-inducing delight. (Oct)”

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  1. online version ? says:

    I just finished reading chapter 1, and found it very funny and deeply interesting. I’m going to quote you in a paper I’m writing for Newzy, a leading French business magazine. Would it be possible to order a PDF version of the book ? I would not want to wait for weeks until AmazonUK finds where France is on a map.

  2. Richard says:

    Hello GL,

    Sorry, the whole book isn’t available in a soft format – only chapter one off the book website as a free download. If you order from amazon.co.uk and pay for superfast delivery I’m sure it will get to you quite fast.


  3. ray algar says:

    Hello Richard

    I was in Waterstones bookstore in sunny Brighton (UK) yesterday and saw Future Files. Congratulations on summarising the future. It is amazing what we can all achieve with some purpose and perspiration. It was only this time last year ago that we were chatting in Copenhagen and I remember the delegates reaction to your trend blend map – the catalyst for the book. I hope that your future is filled with lots of book sales. Ray Algar

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