Top IT Trends

I’m researching IT trends for a forthcoming talk and wonder if anyone has any comments on this little list?

IT Trends (not ranked)

1. Data Mining (profiling & prediction)
2. Data Security (governance, encryption, risk management & regulation)
3. Open Innovation & Customer Co-creation
4. Too Much Information (information diets)
5. Metadata trails (possibly the same as #1?)
6. Automation (DIY & serve yourself technology)
7. Green IT & Clean Tech
8. Storage as a Service
9. E-records (especially healthcare)
10. Virtualisation (part of #8?)
11. Gesture Based Computing
12. Emotionally Aware Machines & Devices
13. Shopping 2.0
14. Mobile phones replacing wallets
(Incl. stored value, contactless payments, micro-payments, P2P lending etc)

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