2008 Trends

In the spirit of user generated content and open innovation I’d thought I’d share my early thoughts on trends for 2008. These will eventually end up in my 2008+ Ten Trends: Predictions & Provocations report.

My trend (draft) trends are:

1. Rhythm & balance
2. Collaboration
3. Making things
4. Robotics
5. Industrial provenance
6. Information design
7. Data mining
8. Folklore
9. Rites of passage
10. Fantasy & escape

Any comments from out there?

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3 Responses to 2008 Trends

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  2. Hello–

    My name is Sandra Beasley, and I’m an editor for The American Scholar, which is published by the Phi Beta Kappa Society in Washington, D.C. Would you backchannel me at your earliest possible convenience? I’m interested in working with you for a feature I edit called “Works in Progress.”

    Cheers, Sandra Beasley

  3. Alex says:

    The term data mining was coined in early 90s, so to say that it’s a 2008 trend is a stretch, at least in my view. I think it’s a mature discipline that is certainly gaining more weight, these days at medium size enterprises (before it was a prerogative of fortune 500 companies). Also, you need to be careful with the definition, some consider information retrieval (think google, yahoo) is a part of data minig. In that case, probably 99% of the fortunate world’s population (defined as $10k in gdp) had experienced google. In that sense, data mining is a mundane, every day life experience. So, if you think that the trend is defined through the number of mentions in the public press, then data mining is definitely up there.

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