Extinction timeline 1900-2050…coming soon

Some time ago I created an innovation timeline for the period 1900-2050, which seemed to get a pretty good reaction in the blogosphre. Anyway, I was having lunch a few weeks ago with Ross, Sally and Jessica from Future Exploration Network and I was talking about doing something similar relating to predicted death dates – kind of the opposite idea to the innovation timeline.
However Sally (I think it was Sally, I’d had a few glasses of wine at this point) came up with a great idea. Why not do an extinction timeline instead? So I’ve been busy. The extinction timeline also runs from 1900-2050 and the early draft is looking pretty good. The only thing I can’t figure out is where to put the end of copyright and the demise of Paris Hilton.

Anyway, it should be out next week…so watch this space.

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