More predictions…

I’ve just had an idea for another list. Instead of a list of things that are predicted to happen in the future, how about a list of things that are predicted to disappear? Here goes…

Dining tables

Bank managers

Bank notes and coins


Wet film

Bottled water






Liquid paper



Civil liberties








Habius corpus

Public intellectuals

Red ink


A good night’s sleep


Thank you




Jobs for life

Paris Hilton (only kidding)




Anyone like to add anything?

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4 Responses to More predictions…

  1. Marcel Opilka says:


    Here a few questions to your predictions:

    1. Why do you think “Thank you” will disapear? I think that a thank you is the most important in think in life. How will you express that u appreciate something and respect somebody?

    2. Bottled water? How come? Do you mean water will no longer be sold but available for free?

    3. Breakfast? Thats the most important thing to start the day 🙂 and now? Will it only be coffee?

    4. Time? Why would time disapear? It guides us through the day and its kind of a rhyhm…

    5. What about the animals? Most of them will die in the next year and we will most likely see only in the zoo. In nature they might not survive because for example of climate changes and people killing them.

    Thanks for your answers !!!!

    Have a nice week!


  2. 1. Thank you will (might) disappear because people have too little time, they are also becoming more self-centered and selfish.

    2. Bottled water – I wrote about this 9 months ago and it’s just started to happen in San Francisco, London and Sydney. The idea here is that shipping water from, say, Italy to the US is environmenatlly unsound due to the transport. There are arguments for and against but so far the arguments for are being drowned out.

    3. Breakfast. There’s a figure from somewhere or other that claims almost 40% of US office workers already eat breakfast at work – again because of a lack of time, increased communting distances and the availability of ‘breakfast on the go’ options etc.

    4. Time – I agree with you but technology keeps speeding up!

    5. Animals – We have already killed off quite a few of teh 1.8 million (?) species that we have discovered and I think this will accelerate.

    Sorry about thye spelling – no time!!! Oh and THANK YOU!

  3. Richard says:

    I just got a comment from yashesh in Mumbai but for some reason I can’t approve the comment for it to post automatically so here it is anyway..

    In another 20 years i am sure that this medium would be over, blogs or mails
    would either be read out to us while we are driving or having breakfast etc or
    be projected or visible on bedroom windows etc as and when we want it

  4. anakowi says:

    Oh, your future is looking rather bleak. Mine on the other hand is looking more rosy – at least that’s the way I like to see it. Perspective is important don’t you think?

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