More Predictions…

I just got an email from someone we’ll call Emma, who is too shy to leave a blog post. Anyway, she wanted some more predictions. OK, Emma, here you go…

There will be a global biometric ID card by 2028.

By 2027, a bioterror event will lead to one hundred thousand+ casualties.

By the year 2020, facial recognition doors will exist.

By 2030, tickets for space travel will be available from travel agents.

By 2040 a ‘dirty bomb’ will have been exploded in a major US or European city.

By 2025 basic surgery will be administered by robots.

By 2040 all surgical anesthesia will be administered by computers.

By 2050 there will be a single global currency and cash will no longer exist.

Evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence will be found by 2050.

By 2025 at least 15% of convicted criminals will have technology embedded in their bodies for the purpose of tracking and identification.

In fifty years Sydney will look pretty much as it does now.

By 2030 more than 60% of books sold worldwide will be printed on
demand at the point of sale.

Sleep hotels and resorts will become popular by 2015.

Video wallpaper will exist by 2030.

Either China or Russia will fall apart by 2025.

By 2038, Scientists will prove that there is a genetic component to intelligence and that this varies by sex and race.This will cause riots and book burning in some cities.

Qantas will offer seat back banking on long-haul flights by 2015.

The NRMA will sell insurance by the kilometer by 2012.

By 2038 the police and military will look more or less the same in most countries.

Lists of predictions will eventually become unpopular.

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2 Responses to More Predictions…

  1. Dear Richard,

    Thanks for renewing the prediction about the Single Global Currency by 2050.

    The goal of the Single Global Currency Assn. is 2024, but we’ll be very pleased if it happens by 2034 or 2044 or even 2050. On January 1, 2008, two more countries, Malta and Cyprus, will abandon their currencies in favor of the euro. That will bring the number of currencies needed among the U.N.’s 192 members to 144 and slowly declining. Maybe the decline will accelerate as the advantages of monetary union become more widely felt?



    Morrison Bonpasse
    Single Global Currency Association
    P.O. Box 390
    Newcastle, ME 04553 USA

  2. yashesh shethia says:

    In another 20 years i am sure that this medium would be over, blogs or mails would either be read out to us while we are driving or having breakfast etc or be projected or visible on bedroom windows etc as and when we want it

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