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We are all becoming digital nomads. We read, listen and watch what we want when we want. We no longer have the time (during the working week at least) to read newspapers and readers are shifting their eyes and ears to online sources of information delivered via everything from mobile phones to iPods. Online news is especially useful because the content can be controlled and personalised. If you’re of the active (or exhibitionist) persuasion you can comment on the news too through your own blog or send your own homemade documentary to YouTube, which is currently the 11th largest country on earth population-wise. People don’t even trust newspapers these days. Only 59% of Americans believe what they read in the newspapers compared to 80% in 1985. (Amazingly, 36% of US high school students also believe that newspapers should get government approval of news stories prior to publication but that’s another story). In short, what used to be a passive one-way conversation is thus turning into an active relationship. Content flows both ways and consumption has time shifted and place shifted.

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