It takes 11,000 litres of water to make a hamburger and 83,000 to make a medium-sized family car. The average person uses 135 litres every day, most of which is wasted.Water, or more precisely the lack of it, will be everywhere in the future. The scarcity of H2O is being caused by growing populations in countries like India and China, but it’s also being caused by consumerism and development in regions like North America and Europe. Urbanisation and climate change are also major factors and in many cases the problem won’t be a lack of water but water in the wrong places. In China some areas are already taking legal action against other regions whom they accuse of stealing ‘their’ rain through cloud seeding, while in other countries the problem is too much rain rather than not enough.The pollution of rivers and lakes will move center stage and local dams will become global issues and peoples’ attitudes and behavior towards water will change significantly. Every industry from agriculture to fashion will come into the spotlight with regard to water use and customers will select one product or brand over another based upon the company’s water policy.

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