Companies (and governments) are telling people to do it for themselves. The theory is that this will save you and me time and money, although the reality is that more often than not this DIY trend is actually saving the company (or the government) money.Thus we have self check-in at airports and hotels. You can book your own tickets online and even calculate your own tax assessment. Customer service costs money too and is notoriously difficult to do well. So why not ask people to do that for themselves too? Customers can then no longer complain about lousy service. Other examples of the burgeoning self-service industry include scanning your own products, cleaning your own shopping trolley and slicing your own bread in supermarkets and assembling your own furniture.However, this particular trend is about to turn around and bite companies and governments on the bottom. People are now getting so used to doing for themselves — and so used to how dreadful the experience can be when they don’t — that some of them are unplugging themselves and really doing everything for themselves. Examples of this include people that are bypassing doctors and hospitals to treat themselves (thanks to information openly available on the Internet), people that are moving to semi-remote locations to escape the rat race and people that have given up on the mainstream media preferring to create their own information and entertainment instead.

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