53.jpgOnce upon a time you could screen a TV commercial or two in the knowledge that most of the country would see it. Not anymore. The plethora of choices from cable to satellite TV, together with time shifting technologies like video, DVD and TiVo, has fragmented audiences like never before. Is this the end of mass media or simply a shift from TV to Internet based information and entertainment? Most commentators firmly believe that the age of mass media, especially television, is dying or dead but I’m not so sure. The theory is that broadcasters will become irrelevant as programme makers connect directly with their audiences. However, people are busy. They are also not experts and no matter how clever search becomes I predict that there will always be a need for editors and other human filters to tell us what’s available and what’s worth watching. Equally, whilst mobile content will continue to grow, the home (together with movie theatres) will remain the primary location for mass entertainment.

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