Sleep is the new sex

95.jpgWestern societies are sleep deprived and as a result people are becoming clumsy, stupid, unhappy and dead according to Dr Stanley Coren (author of The Sleep Thieves). Social observers have coined the term TATT Syndrome to describe people that are Tired All The Time. Whether you buy in to such phraseology the condition seems real enough and sleep is set to be one of the next big social and medical issues. The figures certainly speak for themselves. Back in 1900 Americans slept for an average of 9.0 hours every night. The figure is now 6.9 hours. In Australia there were 4 sleep clinics in 1985. The number is now 70. In the New York there is even a company called Metro Naps that sells sleep to stressed out city types (US $14 for 15 minutes).

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