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People as Pets

A Korn Ferry study of 800 business leaders across the globe has found that business leaders think that tech will create more value than people in the future. 44 per cent of bosses go as far as saying that automation, … Continue reading

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Well-Being at Work

what-a-good-day-looks-like-duncan-young-health-wellbeing-lendlease Been meaning to post this for a while. Given to me by my good friend Duncan Young at Lendlease in Sydney. I’m sure he’d be OK with people using it just so long as you quote where it came … Continue reading

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Staying human in an age of automation

  I thought this, via Aeon, would be interesting, although when I watched the video (7 minutes here) I wasn’t so sure. Is he saying that we need to ‘gamify’ all aspects of work so that people are more engaged … Continue reading

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All is not well…

  A study by the NASUWT Union in the UK found that 83% of teachers reported workplace stress. Meanwhile, the Public and Commercial services Unions claims that 2/3 of civil servants have suffered from ill health due to workplace stress. … Continue reading

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Statistic of the Week

Here’s some possible evidence to support the idea that the change argument can be a bit of a myth. Around 90% of the US workforce is employed in occupations that existed 100 years go. The Observer, 06.09.15 (P20).

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The Architecture of Ideas

I’ve written extensively about how physical spaces influence thinking (e.g. Future Minds, Fast Company etc.), but I didn’t realise until recently just how much research there was on this. For example, Joan Meyers-Levy and Juliet Zhu, two Profs at the … Continue reading

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The Future of Work

I don’t know Jacob Morgan. I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but I think he suffers from being too young. Or perhaps he is just too focused on technology. He has just written a very good article called 8 Indisputable … Continue reading

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Jobs of the Future

                Funny, you don’t write about jobs of the future for ages then two requests come along almost at once. Here’s a link for a small piece I wrote for today’s Guardian newspaper … Continue reading

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A Case for Slow Business

We are killing ourselves, slowly but surely, because we are obsessed with the idea of speed. We need to get more done, we think, and to achieve this goal we need to move faster. It is a need it now, … Continue reading

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In the new world of work, modesty is no longer a virtue

Let’s talk about me. This focus on “Me” is a new development, especially in the UK. Traditionally, the British have been modest about their achievements. Take the Industrial Revolution. It was pure luck. It could have happened anywhere. Penicillin? Serendipity. … Continue reading

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