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                What the f**K is all this about? I took these pictures in a clothes shop of all places. Not sure what, if anything, it means.

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Nothing. Zip. Zilch.

Nothing to say apart from a rant about the battery life of iPhones and the near useless nature of Apple customer support, which I’ll avoid.

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A Generation on Fire

“The American Psychological Association released a report in 2013 that found the millennial generation – those aged 18-34 – had a higher rate of stress (5.4 out of 10) than the U.S. population as a whole (4.9). Moreover, nearly 40 … Continue reading

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                  I do like this (well I don’t, but you probably know what I mean). Might sit nicely against ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ as an iconic image of the early part … Continue reading

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Why is Grey the New Black?

Have you noticed the grey? Not just 50 Shades (the top selling book of the decade we’re told), but in car parks, on Pinterest, in Elle Decoration and on the catwalk. There is a theory (which we probably shouldn’t take … Continue reading

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A container for water made from water?

I received this via email a while ago from Thomas Frey in the US. My instant reaction was that it was nuts and the email ended up being deleted. But then I had second thoughts and removed the email from … Continue reading

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Slow media

Writing in my book Future Minds, which was published in 2010, I stated that a “Slow Thinking Movement will emerge, with people celebrating slow reading, slow writing and other forms of old-fashioned paper-based communication.” (Page 171). Seems that it’s here … Continue reading

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When the past is another country

                    It is sometimes said that the past is uncertain. Here’s a classic example. Louisa Lim, a correspondent for US National Public Radio in Beijing, showed 100 Chinese students the image … Continue reading

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Psychological neotency

                Psycho what? Psychological neotency is a theory developed by Professor Bruce Charlton at the University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (UK) that says that the increased level of immaturity among adults is an evolutionary response … Continue reading

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