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Solipsism in pop music

  Interesting, perhaps, that Love Yourself by Justin Bieber has been number 1 in the UK music charts and has been 1 or 2 for the last 10 weeks. Does this tell us anything? (cue endless Bieber jokes I’m sure…). … Continue reading

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Thought for the day

                  I’m reading The End of Absence: Reclaiming What We’ve Lost in a World of Constant Connection by Michael Harris and something he says really resonates. He says that: “every second of … Continue reading

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Digital clean up

Digital clutter I’ve just finished the new book and have almost nothing to do except the science and fiction map. As a result I’ve started on a digital clean up of 3 computers. Just found this. No idea where it … Continue reading

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Normal service is resumed

  The book is done! BTW, loved this above!

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What’s Next #37

Just to let you lovely folks know that a new issue (number 37) of What’s Next has just gone live. It’s about time. Link

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Photographs of office desks

  Just been put onto this this by James at Artifact cards, with whom I’m collaborating on some brainmail ‘ stat-pack’ cards. It’s a collection of photographs of office desks set up by the Japanese author Haruki Murakami. Above my … Continue reading

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How Companies Die

Something I wrote for Fast Company magazine in the US a while ago. I’m adapting part of it for a talk to PWC in Warsaw next month. Worth a read if you’ve not come across it.   My last column … Continue reading

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Brainmail on Facebook

Did I tell you that brainmail is on Facebook? Personally I’m against the idea, but the dyslexic dog (always running after new gods) and the psychopathic cat made me do it.

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Holiday Reading

  Why do we go on holiday? Logically holidays make no sense. Why leave the comfort, convenience, connectivity of home to travel hundreds, if not thousands, of miles to do what often amounts to very little? The answer is because … Continue reading

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The Chinese are coming

Actually they’ve been here for a while……

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