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Digital v Human

I’ve decided that for the next few months this blog is going to be about the development of my next book, Digital v Human (with some exceptions). First I’ll start by adding a few things I’ve deleted. The appendix below … Continue reading

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Plumpton Parish Council. Part an an experiment. Ignore.

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Job available in tech futures research

I wouldn’t usually do this, but it’s for Imperial College London, with whom I have a relationship. Anyone out there (youngish) with a crystal ball looking for a job in ‘futures’ but with a top-notch academic institution rather than some … Continue reading

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Quick thought for the day – modern monsters

Most monsters are metaphors. What monster are we currently worried about and what is the metaphor?

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Plus ca change, plus c’est la même chose

    Spotted in the Rijksmuseum. Chainmail somewhere between 1400 and 1500. Polo shirt circa 2013-2014. Also liked the overweight kid and the couple having a chat over a drink in their backyard circa 1629-1683 (looks like suburbia 1950-2014).

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Physics of the Mind

This is just scary. Me at 5am talking to the CSIRO in Australia. The office temperature was zero degrees and I’m wearing PJ’s and welling boots down under.

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Kindle Fire

This is what happens when you ask an eleven-year-old to light a fire nowadays. Got to admire the lateral thinking.

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                What the f**K is all this about? I took these pictures in a clothes shop of all places. Not sure what, if anything, it means.

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Nothing. Zip. Zilch.

Nothing to say apart from a rant about the battery life of iPhones and the near useless nature of Apple customer support, which I’ll avoid.

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