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Don’t just do something, sit there

While I’m on the subject of digital detox (previous post), a few of you might have school age kids on holiday at the moment. Chances are you are frantic trying to organise things for the little darlings to do. Don’t. … Continue reading

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Thinking outside the box

This is fun. In a study of the physical embodiment of metaphors conducted by Angela K.-y. Leung of Singapore Management University, people who literally sat “outside the box”—a box made of cardboard and plastic pipe – produced 32% better answers … Continue reading

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Music on the brain

              How can employers increase the quality of thinking inside their organisations? The use of music is one option, although its abstract nature and ubiquity can mean that we forget about its power. The … Continue reading

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Does Where You Think Change What You Think?

I’m doing a Pro-Bono (Edward Pro-Bono – get it?) workshop with the Association of Senior Children’s and Education Librarians up near Derby in the UK. Great bunch of people and an interesting discussion last night about children (under sixteen essentially) … Continue reading

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Space oddity

In my book Future Minds I wrote about how physical spaces can impact our thinking. I used examples ranging from ancient cathedrals to mountains, but the one I like best is about the Earth as seen from the moon. Here’s … Continue reading

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The Future of shopper behaviour (and the shape of cities).

  How’s this for a coincidence. Two emails in of 24-hours from two different companies asking about shopper behaviour in 2030. Both were food companies. There was a third a month ago. On a somewhat different note I had a … Continue reading

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Thinking spaces – water again

I like this quote from Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger; “In the afternoon, I might go to one of the many ponds and fish for trout. For me, fishing is a form of penitence. I’ve always believed that the best fishermen are closest … Continue reading

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What’s Next issue 29 is up

So what are you waiting for. Read it now. On a different topic, it was nice to read about the power of bare feet in the papers at the weekend. I remember reading some research many years ago that claimed … Continue reading

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Creativity and mood

I met a head teacher from a primary school in Clevedon (Bristol) a while ago and we got talking about one of my favourite subjects, namely where people do their best thinking. I mentioned some of the usual suspects that … Continue reading

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Why getting staff to do nothing can be good business

Here I am again, this time on Qantas QF31 from Singapore to London listening to Jeff Buckley (Grace) whilst looking out of the window at a marmalade sunset disappearing beneath a froth of white cloud. My information purging experiment has … Continue reading

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