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Hermit wanted

Hunting tower (built in 1720) set in 500 acres of woodland for rent. Feels like the middle of nowhere, but only fifteen minutes from a large supermarket and just two hours from London. Available as a fully furnished rental for … Continue reading

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The Architecture of Ideas

I’ve written extensively about how physical spaces influence thinking (e.g. Future Minds, Fast Company etc.), but I didn’t realise until recently just how much research there was on this. For example, Joan Meyers-Levy and Juliet Zhu, two Profs at the … Continue reading

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Slow media

Writing in my book Future Minds, which was published in 2010, I stated that a “Slow Thinking Movement will emerge, with people celebrating slow reading, slow writing and other forms of old-fashioned paper-based communication.” (Page 171). Seems that it’s here … Continue reading

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Memory & Understanding: Paper versus Pixels

A study by Pam A. Mueller of Princeton and Daniel M. Oppenheimer of UCLA has found that US college students who take notes on laptop computers are more likely to record lecturers’ words verbatim. Sounds like a good thing, but … Continue reading

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Why water can be good for you

As some of you might know, I’m a fan of clutter (“If a messy desk is the sign of a messy mind, what then can be said of an empty desk?” – Einstein or thereabouts). However, things have started to … Continue reading

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Thinking about thinking

I’ve got an after-dinner speech coming up at a Cambridge college, but the audience are Chinese and my 20-minute talk has to be translated. This means that after I say something I pause whilst it is repeated in Mandarin. This … Continue reading

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Don’t just do something, sit there

While I’m on the subject of digital detox (previous post), a few of you might have school age kids on holiday at the moment. Chances are you are frantic trying to organise things for the little darlings to do. Don’t. … Continue reading

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Thinking outside the box

This is fun. In a study of the physical embodiment of metaphors conducted by Angela K.-y. Leung of Singapore Management University, people who literally sat “outside the box”—a box made of cardboard and plastic pipe – produced 32% better answers … Continue reading

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Music on the brain

              How can employers increase the quality of thinking inside their organisations? The use of music is one option, although its abstract nature and ubiquity can mean that we forget about its power. The … Continue reading

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Does Where You Think Change What You Think?

I’m doing a Pro-Bono (Edward Pro-Bono – get it?) workshop with the Association of Senior Children’s and Education Librarians up near Derby in the UK. Great bunch of people and an interesting discussion last night about children (under sixteen essentially) … Continue reading

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